Chantel Meghdadi

Chantel grew up in the sun drenched valleys of Northern California. She received her Bachelor’s in Food Science and Nutrition with an emphasis in Enology from California State University Fresno. This led to internships in California’s Napa Valley and Australia’s Yarra Valley, and ultimately landing in the Napa Valley. After pursuing the Level 2 certificate in Wine and Spirits through Wine Spirits Education Trust, WSET, and she embarked on a journey pursuing wine tasting. Life decided that a career in the food industry would better foster her passion for flavor development and bringing it to the people; she has spent the last ten years working in Quality and Product Development roles for the food industry ever since. She is currently living in the Greater Seattle area, working on her Master’s in Food Science. When not studying or cooking, she can be found hiking in the mountains with her boxer, Ellie, or conducting research at restaurants and grocery stores for the newest food flavors and trends throughout the PNW.