Opportunities for Teachers

For Current Teachers

Thank you MESA Teachers! You are a key factor in our success and we value your passion and hard work. If you need any MESA activity materials, please call us at 206-616-2946 or email mesasa@uw.edu to reorder.

Professional Learning Opportunities

The next Teacher Professional Learning training is scheduled for Spring Quarter at the University of Washington. (Check back for more information.) If there are any topics or education trends you want covered, please email Martha at mgfp@uw.edu. Suggestions are always welcomed.

For Prospective Teachers

Become a MESA Teacher! As the first line of contact with students, teachers are vital to MESA. Some of the benefits of being a MESA Teacher include:

  • Connect with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Professionals (speakers, tutors, mentors, and access to UW organizations)
  • Materials for projects
  • Professional development (paid Credit Clock Hours are available)
  • Paid field trips (relevant to classroom learning)
  • Help in recruiting underrepresented (people of color and women) students for STEM classes
  • Enrichment opportunities for your students (MESA Competition, Orca Bowl, Robotics Competition, etc.)
  • Scholarships and internship opportunities for your students

As a MESA Teacher you are expected to:

  • Recruit underrepresented students (people of color and women)
  • Supervise team participation in MESA Day and other MESA activities
  • Provide students with guidance and support
  • Encourage active student and parent involvement in MESA activities
  • Promote student connection to STEM careers and mentors
  • Be in ongoing communication with MESA
  • Assist with filling out applications and other documents and turning them in to MESA
  • Attend MESA Day and Awards Reception with students

If you are interested in becoming a MESA Teacher, please contact Martha Flores-Perez at 206-221-6195, or email her at mgfp@uw.edu. For any questions or if you would like more information about our programs (or apply for any summer teaching opportunities) please contact our office.

Click the program name from the list below to learn more.

In Class Model

This is an enrichment-based learning program to enhance what you have already planned for your class. MESA works one-on-one with you to provide the resources you need to give your students a more hands-on learning experience. These would be activities that fit in with what you are already teaching.

For middle schools, we want to expose students to STEM fields and start cultivating the desire to attend a university.

For high school juniors and seniors, we offer internship and scholarship opportunities, as well as help with college and scholarship applications and essays. Community Service hours are also available.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195


Although this is a club outside of classroom time, it can take place before, after, or during lunch. With your guidance, the club decides on the activities it wants to do. We highly encourage our MESA Clubs to enter competitions, and we provide the resources and materials they will need for their activities.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195


Available for teachers of high school students.

This year Seattle MESA will award over $10,000 to graduating high school seniors who have participated in MESA programs. These scholarships are made possible with support from our partners at the Russell Family Foundation, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, and Tabor 100–we thank them for their generosity and support of our students. The scholarship application is available online after winter break, and the applications are due along with two online recommendations by early March. Scholarship winners are notified by letter and funds are deposited directly to their student account at the college or university they will attend in the Fall.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195

Professional Development

We offer Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) for all MESA Teachers, topics vary according to the teachers’ input.  During summer, teachers are provided a paid training.  Seattle MESA also partners with other organizations that provide TPL and we provide resources for our teachers to attend.  Clock hours are available.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195

Summer Math

Available for 8th and 9th grade teachers.

Over the summer, students often forget a lot of what they learned the year before. In addition, going from middle school to high school is a huge step. We offer Summer Math, a three-week intensive course, to ease that transition. A lead MESA Teacher and tutors not only help students retain skills, but also foster a love of math.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195

Summer Science

Available for 8th and 9th grade teachers.

This is the sister program to Summer Math, but in Summer Science the main topic is Biology.  Students will undergo an intensive three-week course dedicated to getting a head start in high school science.  A MESA Teacher and tutors will be hired to instruct Summer Science.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195


Available for high school teachers.

Trained University of Washington (UW) students from STEM fields come to your school and provide one-on-one help with anything your students might be working on in their math and science classes. These UW students take a tutoring class prior and during the time they tutor high school students.  Tutors also provide enrichment opportunities, leading interactive and fun STEM activities. Tutoring is usually held after school and during class in certain math and science classes.

More information? Contact Joffrey at joffreyh@uw.edu/206-685-7907


Our annual competition is a celebration of students’ innovation, hard work, and interest in STEM. It is a fun opportunity for students to design and engineer projects, compete against their peers, and learn by doing. Students also have the chance to visit a college campus and interact with college students, professors, and industry professionals. Teachers must accompany their teams.

More information? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/ 206-221-6195


Saturday Academy

Available for high school teachers.

Encourage your students to apply and participate in Saturday Academy, a monthly STEM topic taught by UW faculty at the UW campus.  We will email you applications when the next Saturday Academy topic opens so you can share them with your students.  If you have students attending the current Saturday Academy: Marine Biology and Science of food, ask them about their projects!

We are currently accepting applications.  Click here for an application.  More information? Contact Brian Tracey at briant54@uw.edu/206-685-5203