Opportunities for Volunteers

For Current Volunteers

Thank you wonderful MESA volunteers, our programs would not be successful without you! Check out our Seattle MESA Facebook page  to see pictures of volunteers in action.

For Prospective Volunteers

Whether you have an hour to spare or a day, we encourage you to spend some time with the inspiring Seattle MESA Students. We welcome all sorts of volunteers including:

  • STEM Professionals
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Industry Representative
  • Teachers, Instructors, Lectures, Professors, and Researchers
  • Anyone excited about working with underrepresented students pursuing a STEM career

If you are interested in becoming a MESA Volunteer, please contact us.

Click the program name from the list below to learn more.

In Class Model

Our teachers are always interested in bringing industry professionals into their classrooms. If you are in a STEM field, share your career path either as a guest speaker, or as part of a career panel, or meet one-on-one with students who have shown an interest in your field or company.

Teachers also work on a variety of STEM projects, ranging from engineering design to real-world applications of science and math. Volunteers can help with specific projects by giving guidance to students as a class, or in small group work activities.

Please contact Martha if you are interested! mgfp@uw.edu or 206.221.6195


Clubs take place outside of classroom time, before or after class or during lunch. Students enter competitions and need help in putting together their projects.  With your guidance, students improve their chances at winning and also learn from an individual such as yourself.  For this year, students will be doing Prosthetic Arm and Mobile Apps Challenges.

MESA Club is usually held after school and during lunch in certain schools.

Please contact Martha if you are interested! mgfp@uw.edu or 206.221.6195


Each year hundreds of our MESA students come together to have a friendly competition with projects  they have designed, built, and tested in their classes.

Volunteers can help to make this event possible by reading the students’ technical papers beforehand, helping setup for the event, reaching out to potential donors, or helping out with other tasks as they arise.

On MESA Day, volunteers check students in, hand out t-shirts, judge oral presentations, run demonstrations (or smaller competitions), and, of course, help to judge the main competition.

For more information click here.


Available for enrolled UW students.

Tutoring is an opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the life of a local middle school or high school student, while helping them succeed in school and giving them a perspective on college.

Our tutors are UW undergraduate and graduate students that volunteer a few hours a week to tutor in Seattle area schools.  They have the option of providing this valuable service in the morning or the afternoon.  Tutors are trained through workshops and seminars, and mentoring, professional development and transportation is offered.   We are always looking for sensational UW students who are great with teenagers, who are looking to give back to the community, and who have a strong math and science background.

Please contact Joffrey Hooks if you are interested! joffreyh@uw.edu or 206.685.7907.

Saturday Academy

During the public school academic year, we offer high school students the chance to come to the UW campus to engage in STEM enrichment activities. Students apply for a yearlong Saturday Academy topic of their choice. Our program supplements classroom learning, offering an exploration of a STEM topic not typically covered in-depth.

We ask for volunteers who can attend all (or at least the majority) of our Academies, so they can build a rapport with our students.


  • What is Saturday Academy?
  • A monthly, all-day science enrichment program that includes field trips, guest speakers, use of UW facilities, development of career and life skills, and more.
  • Do I need work experience in STEM to volunteer?
  • No formal training is required, only a desire to work with and help students is needed.
  • Do I need to be affiliated with UW to volunteer?
  • Nope. Industry professionals, parents, and colleagues are all welcome.

Please contact Brian if you are interested! briant54@uw.edu or 206.685.5203

Other Programs

If you have a unique skill and would be willing to partner with Seattle MESA, please contact our office!  mesasa@uw.edu or 206.616.2946