Opportunities for Parents

New MESA Parents

Welcome to Seattle MESA! We’re pleased to inform you that your student has been selected to participate in MESA.

Your child will bring an AIF (Admission Information Form) home that is to filled out and signed by you, the parent/guardian, and then returned to the MESA Teacher. We use the information in this form to better serve our students and their families. By tracking our students throughout the year, we can measure our programs’ impact on their progress.

As the parent/guardian, you are the first person our students look up to and we want to partner with you as well to enhance your child’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. We have events for parents that you will be informed of through your child’s school or you can contact Seattle MESA directly. Also, we encourage you to ask your child about what they are doing at MESA. Engage in conversations about what they like in STEM and how they might see a STEM field as a career in their future.

The Seattle MESA program sponsors field trips, hands-on activities, scholarships, and guest speakers. In all, it is an outstanding opportunity for your child to explore their potential in science, technology, engineering and math, adding experiences over and above the other courses at their school.

Prospective MESA Parents

If you are interested in having your child participate in MESA, contact your child’s school. (You may also direct your school’s representative to this website for more information.) We work directly with schools to provide services to the students. You can also contact our Seattle MESA office and we can also reach out to your child’s school if it has no MESA program.

Click the program name from the list below to learn more. For any questions or if you would like more information about our programs please contact us.

In Class Model

Available at certain schools.

This is an enrichment-based learning program that happens in your child’s class. MESA works one-on-one with MESA Teachers to provide the resources to give students a more hands-on learning experience. Check with your child’s MESA Teacher if you want to come in to volunteer or see what your child is doing in class.

For middle schools, we want to expose students to STEM fields and start cultivating the desire to attend a university.

For high schools, we offer internship and scholarship opportunities, as well as help with college and scholarship applications and essays. Community Service hours are also available.


This is a club outside of classroom time, it can take place during their lunch period or after school. We highly encourage our MESA Clubs to enter competitions, and we provide the resources and materials they will need for their activities. This year, we have the Prosthetic Arm and Mobile Apps Challenges. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s club. To help them with their projects, check with your child’s MESA Teacher for the schedule.


Available for high school students.

This year Seattle MESA will award over $10,000 to graduating high school seniors who have participated in MESA programs. These scholarships are made possible with support from our partners at the Russell Family Foundation, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, and Tabor 100–we thank them for their generosity and support of our students. The scholarship application is available online after winter break, and the applications are due along with two online recommendations by early March. Scholarship winners are notified by letter and funds are deposited directly to their student account at the college or university they will attend in the Fall.

Summer Math

Available for graduating 8th grade students that will be attending Chief Sealth, Ingraham or Rainier Beach.

Over the summer, students often forget a lot of what they learned the year before. In addition, going from middle school to high school is a huge step. We offer Summer Math, a three-week intensive course, to ease that transition. A lead MESA Teacher and tutors not only help students retain skills, but also foster a love of math. For students that get accepted into the program, their parents play a vital part in our summer program. We meet with parents to come up with a plan to best serve students.

Summer Science

Available for graduating 8th grade students that will be attending Chief Sealth, Ingraham or Rainier Beach..

This is the sister program to Summer Math, but in Summer Science the main topic is Biology. Students will undergo an intensive three-week course dedicated to getting a head start in high school science. MESA Staff also meets with the parents of students that get accepted in the science program.


Available for students of Mariner, Ingraham, Rainier Beach and Chief Sealth high schools.

Encourage your child to attend free tutoring at their school! Trained University of Washington (UW) students from STEM fields come and provide one-on-one help with anything your child might be working on in their math and science classes. These UW students take a tutor training class prior and during the time they tutor high school students. Tutors also provide enrichment opportunities, leading interactive and fun STEM activities. Tutoring is usually held after school and/or during class in certain math and science classes.


Our annual competition is a celebration of our students’ innovation, hard work, and interest in STEM. It is a fun opportunity for students to design and engineer projects, compete against their peers, and learn by doing. Students also have the chance to visit a college campus and interact with college students, professors, and industry professionals.

This year’s MESA Day will be held at North Seattle College on March 25th, Saturday, 10:00 am- 2:30 pm.

Parents are encouraged to participate as chaperones during the competition, however, parents are not to interfere with judging. As MESA Day approaches, Teachers will send out more information to families.

Saturday Academy

Available for high school students.

Encourage your child to apply and participate in Saturday Academy.  Its an opportunity for your child to visit the UW campus, learn through high quality, hands-on STEM activities taught by UW faculty, meet industry professionals, and take transformative field trips one Saturday a month from October through May.

The Saturday Academy subjects are Marine Biology, the Science of Food, and Computer Aided Design. If you have a child attending the current Saturday Academy, ask them about her/his project!

Parent Program

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Other Programs

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