Opportunities for Students

For New MESA Students

Welcome to Seattle MESA!  Your Teacher or MESA Staff will give you an AIF (Admission Information Form)  please fill it out and have your parent/guardian sign it, and then returned it to the MESA Teacher. We use the information in this form to better serve our students and their families. By tracking our students throughout the year, we can measure our programs’ impact on your progress.

Seattle MESA program sponsors field trips, hands-on activities, and guest speakers. In all, it is an outstanding opportunity for you to explore your potential in math, engineering and science.

For Current MESA Students

Students are at the heart of Seattle MESA that is why everything we do is with students in mind.  Seattle MESA offers several programs for middle and high school students.  High school students are eligible to enroll in MESA science and math classes if their high school provides one.  Also, graduating high school students who plan to enroll at a college or university are eligible to apply for MESA scholarships.

Benefits for MESA Students

Below are a list of incentives for you as a MESA Student. As a MESA Student, you will:

  • Have connections to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Professionals (speakers, mentorships, and access to UW organizations)
  • Materials for projects
  • Field Trips (relevant to program learning)
  • Competitions!  Prosthetic Arm Challenge, Youth Apps Challenge, Robotics Competition, etc.
  • Scholarships and internship opportunities
  • Academic support/Tutoring
  • Career Exploration
  • College Preparation
  • Saturday Academies
  • As a MESA Student you are expected to:
    • Maintain a strong GPA or show commitment that you are willing to improve your academic record
    • Continue on a STEM track (show that by the classes you take in school)
    • Attend MESA Day and Awards Reception

For Prospective MESA Students

If you do not have MESA in your school, direct your teacher to this website where they can find out more about MESA and contact us about how to become a MESA school.

Click the program name from the list below to learn more. For any questions about our programs please contact us.

In Class Model

Available in certain schools.

This is an enrichment-based learning program that happens in your class. MESA works one-on-one with MESA Teachers to provide the resources to give you a more hands-on learning experience.

For middle schools, we want to expose students to STEM fields and start cultivating the desire to attend a university.

For high schools, we offer internship and scholarship opportunities, as well as help with college and scholarship applications and essays. Community Service hours are also available.

Interested? Contact Martha mgfp@uw.edu/206-221-6195


Available in certain schools.

Even though this is a club outside of classroom time, this can occur before/after or/and during lunch, students need a teacher to run the club. The club decides on what activities it wants to do with the support and guidance of the MESA Teacher and MESA Staff. We highly encourage our MESA Clubs to enter competitions and they also get the resources and materials they will need for their activities.

Interested? Contact Martha mgfp@uw.edu/206-221-6195


Available for high school students.

This year Seattle MESA will award over $10,000 to graduating high school seniors who have participated in MESA programs. These scholarships are made possible with support from our partners at the Russell Family Foundation, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, and Tabor 100–we thank them for their generosity and support of our students. The scholarship application is available online after winter break, and the applications are due along with two online recommendations by early March. Scholarship winners are notified by letter and funds are deposited directly to their student account at the college or university they will attend in the Fall.

Interested? Contact Martha mgfp@uw.edu/206-221-6195

Summer Math

Available for graduating 8th grade Denny students going to Chief Sealth High School.

Are you graduating from middle school? Then, sign up for Summer Math! This is a hands-on three week math enrichment program that has a lead math MESA Teacher and college tutors. Whether math is easy or hard for you, this is the program to have a fun experience with math! Applications will be released in March, check back for the application link.

Interested? Contact Martha mgfp@uw.edu/206-221-6195

Summer Science

Available for graduating 8th grade, going into 9th grade.

This is the sister program to Summer Math, but in Summer Science the main topic is Biology. Students will undergo an intensive three-week course dedicated to getting a head start in high school science. Applications will be released in March, check back for the application link.

Interested? Contact Martha at mgfp@uw.edu/206-221-6195


Available for Mariner, Ingraham, and Chief Sealth High School Students.

Are you needing extra help on your math and/or science class? Or even if you are doing well, you might be that overachieving student that wants to get ahead. Then, lucky you! Trained University of Washington (UW) students from STEM fields come to your school and provide one-on-one help with math and science homework. These UW students take a tutoring class to prepare to assist you with your academic needs. Tutors also provide enrichment opportunities, leading interactive and fun STEM activities.

Interested? Contact Joffrey at joffreyh@uw.edu/206-685-7907


Our annual competition is a celebration of your innovation, hard work, and interest in STEM. It is a fun opportunity present your Prosthetic Arm and/or Mobile App and compete against your peers, and learn by doing. You get to interact with college students, professors, and industry professionals.

Your teacher will give you more information as the day approaches.

Interested? Contact Martha mgfp@uw.edu/206-221-6195

Saturday Academy

Available for high school students.

This is a free program for public school students that focuses on STEM subjects like: marine biology, computer science, etc. It is held at the UW Seattle campus one Saturday per month. Each section has tons of hands-on opportunities, information about college application processes, and what it’s like to study science, engineering, and math in college. The class is taught by a UW professor and UW student volunteers help the faculty.