Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy is a fun, hands-on science program occurring once a month, typically from October through May. The program follows a project-based model, increasing familiarity with STEM equipment and industry professionals. Each session has three main objectives:

1) motivate students to pursue higher education,

2) increase students’ participation in the STEM fields,

3) prepare students for professional life after high school.

Marine Ecology & Marine Research

Explore the vast oceans with us. Marine Ecology focuses on interactions within the ocean and its inhabitants. Marine Research promises to enhance your investigative and professional

Possible Careers: commercial diver, aquaculture geneticist, underwater cinematographer,
ocean engineer, ocean and coastal policy specialist

Computer-Aided Design

Study computer-aided design (CAD)—merging modern technology with contemporary creativity. Have a design you think will change the future? A supersonic plane? Cutting edge sport shoe? We have just the place for you.
Possible Careers: architect, biomechanical systems engineer, digital circuit designer, fashion designer, aerospace engineer

Science of Food

Learn about the farm-to-table food pathway. Real-world issues and real-time applications are part of this evolving curriculum. Occasional sessions in UW’s sustainable community kitchen and farm.

Possible Careers: food chemist, animal nutritionist,toxicologist, product/process development scientist, technical brewer, flavor technologist


Questions? Contact
Brian Tracey


Fisheries Science Building
University of Washington
1122 NE Boat St., Seattle, WA 98105


October 2017  through May 2018. Once a month