Ezra Allen



I am currently a member of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and previously tutored students in Pre-College Initiative (PCI) in Seattle, WA.  I have also taught Grade 7 students Algebra through Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) at Lawrence Technological University, MI and tutored AutoCAD.  As an independent contractor I have provided clients with design and drafting services for over 12 years. Technical training and consulting for various engineering firms & government agencies include: Seattle WA, Vancouver BC, Detroit MI and Windsor Ontario. The UW Capital Projects Office, Seattle Public Utilities, City of Renton, Road Commission for Oakland County, MI and the City Of Vancouver (BC).  I’ve been an AutoCAD user in the industry for more than 20 years.


                                                                                         Saturday Academy Instructor

Vicente Arroyos


Vicente is originally from Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington and is a former volunteer of the Yakima Valley/Tri-Cities MESA program. He was first introduced to the program as a freshman in high school and it has been an influence in his career plans. He is a first year student at the University of Washington looking to Major in Electrical Engineering and plans to go on to graduate school after his Bachelors. He Join Seattle MESA October of 2016 looking to continue his work with the MESA program.


                                                                                                    Student Assistant

Dr. Gregory King


Dr. Gregory King has served as a Chief Academic Officer, Executive Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math,  principal, assistant principal, adjunct professor, teacher, and debate coach. Dr. King joined the MESA advisory board to assist in further providing students of color opportunities to learn about as well as pursue STEM degrees and careers.  He wholeheartedly believes STEM careers can change the economic outlook for students of color and communities.



Abdirahman Omar



Omar was born in Uganda and moved to Washington in 2012.  He is a first generation college student attending the University of Washington.  Was introduced to Seattle MESA during his senior year of high school and it has influenced his career path.  Seattle MESA has provided Omar with the opportunity to explore and ignite a passion in for engineering that he didn’t know existed.  He is looking to major in electrical engineering. Omar is proud to be on the team and to assist with the work to help kids find their true passions.


                                                                                                      Student Assistant

Martha Flores Pérez


Martha’s many years of experience working at different schools throughout the Seattle Public School District are brought to Seattle MESA as she works directly to support teachers. She has worked with teachers and parents to help students in reading, math, and writing. She has also taught Spanish at the University of Washington (UW- Seattle), and recently graduated with a Master’s in Hispanic Studies. She did her undergraduate work in Spanish, English, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, also at UW. Martha enjoys working for Seattle MESA because, for her, learning never stops.  During middle and high school, she was a MESA student in South Seattle. Martha’s projects include In-Class Model, After school, Summer Programs, Teacher Professional Learning, MESA Day, Scholarships, and the Awards Ceremony.


                                                                                                     Senior Coordinator

Thomas Pool


Thomas is very interested in studying food webs within rivers, estuaries, and the ocean. He has been fortunate enough to conduct his research in Denmark, Australia, France, and Cambodia, as well as in the Puget Sound and the surrounding marine waters of Washington. Thomas is also passionate about teaching children ranging in age from elementary to high school age about aquatic systems and wildlife conservation. He has developed and taught outdoor education curriculum for over ten years and continues to work with middle school students in the Seattle area with the Seattle Inner City Outings organization.


                                                                                         Saturday Academy Instructor

Brian Tracey

Brian Tracey is the newest member to the Seattle MESA team. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Brian adds more East Coast flavor to the group. He has a degree in Life Sciences from Rutgers University, with a concentration in marine science. With research projects that ranged from upstate New York to the western most borders of U.S. territory, Brian has extensive experience in marine and environmental science field work. Through his commitment to the dissemination of science information, he made his personal mission to be involved in science outreach, especially to underserved communities. Although hired in September of 2015, he has been a mainstay and lead volunteer with the program for over two years. One peek at his activities at the University of Washington, and it becomes apparent that he has a relentless dedication to the mission of MESA, and to social and education justice. Brian sits on the Executive Boards for both the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), and for the Black Student Union. He is also an integral member of the Diversity Committees for GPSS, the College of the Environment, and the University level, the Diversity Council. The list goes on, and on, but Brian is most excited to be a part of Seattle MESA and contribute to the enrichment of young minds. Currently he is finishing his Masters in Marine and Environmental Policy. In his spare time, he is an urban ninja, social activist, and volunteer to various community programs.


                                                                                                                                                                                         Program Coordinator