Brian Tracey is the newest member to the Seattle MESA team. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Brian adds more East Coast flavor to the group. He has a degree in Life Sciences from Rutgers University, with a concentration in marine science. With research projects that ranged from upstate New York to the western most borders of U.S. territory, Brian has extensive experience in marine and environmental science field work. Through his commitment to the dissemination of science information, he made his personal mission to be involved in science outreach, especially to underserved communities. Although hired in September of 2015, he has been a mainstay and lead volunteer with the program for over two years. One peek at his activities at the University of Washington, and it becomes apparent that he has a relentless dedication to the mission of MESA, and to social and education justice. Brian sits on the Executive Boards for both the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), and for the Black Student Union. He is also an integral member of the Diversity Committees for GPSS, the College of the Environment, and the University level, the Diversity Council. The list goes on, and on, but Brian is most excited to be a part of Seattle MESA and contribute to the enrichment of young minds. Currently he is finishing his Masters in Marine and Environmental Policy. In his spare time, he is an urban ninja, social activist, and volunteer to various community programs.