New MESA Students

Welcome to Seattle MESA!  Your Teacher or MESA Staff will give you an AIF (Admission Information Form)  please fill it out and have your parent/guardian sign it, and then returned it to the MESA Teacher. We use the information in this form to better serve our students and their families. By tracking our students throughout the year, we can measure our programs’ impact on your progress.

Seattle MESA program sponsors field trips, hands-on activities, and guest speakers. In all, it is an outstanding opportunity for you to explore your potential in math, engineering and science.

For Current MESA Students

Students are at the heart of Seattle MESA that is why everything we do is with students in mind.  Seattle MESA offers several programs for middle and high school students.  High school students are eligible to enroll in MESA science and math classes if their high school provides one.  Also, graduating high school students who plan to enroll at a college or university are eligible to apply for MESA scholarships.

Benefits for MESA Students

Below are a list of incentives for you as a MESA Student. As a MESA Student, you will:

  • Have connections to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Professionals (speakers, mentorships, and access to UW organizations)
  • Materials for projects
  • Field Trips (relevant to program learning)
  • Competitions!  Prosthetic Arm Challenge, Youth Apps Challenge, Robotics Competition, etc.
  • Scholarships and internship opportunities
  • Academic support/Tutoring
  • Career Exploration
  • College Preparation
  • Saturday Academies
  • As a MESA Student you are expected to:
    • Maintain a strong GPA or show commitment that you are willing to improve your academic record
    • Continue on a STEM track (show that by the classes you take in school)
    • Attend MESA Day and Awards Reception


For Prospective MESA Students

If you do not have MESA in your school, direct your teacher to this website where they can find out more about MESA and contact us about how to become a MESA school.