• 1970: First MESA program in California at Oakland Technical High School.
  • 1982‑83: The MESA high school academic year program began in Seattle.
  • 1984: Washington State approved funding to expand this program to other areas in Washington.
  • 1993: Mayor Norman B. Rice proclaims May 6, 1993 “MESA Day”
  • 2003: Seattle MESA pioneered the 9th Grade Bridge program. The “Bridge” consists of three elements:


                      1) A summer math program that helps 8th grade students become fully prepared for Algebra 1 by 9th grade.

                      2) An after-school tutoring program designed to help these same students maintain high performance while they take Algebra 1.

                      3) A Saturday Academy program that introduces high school Seattle MESA students to STEM fields and careers during day-long immersion sessions held once per month.

  • 2012: More than 1,100 students have participated in 9th Grade Bridge
  • 2013: Seattle MESA moves to College of the Environment and the first Saturday Academy began.