MESA Day Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers for our MESA Day 2020

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MESA Day 2020: Will be held at UW Fishery (1122 NE Boat St. 98195) on April 25, 2020 (Saturday)

Volunteers can participate in many ways, including: judge competitions, lead STEM demos & hands-on activities, and help out with logistics. There are also different days and time slots to volunteer.

There are a couple of options for volunteering on April 25, Saturday:

Shift #1: Entire Main Event 9a-2p

Shift #2: Morning Shift 8a-11:45a

Shift #3: Afternoon Shift 11:15a- 3p

Shift #4: If you can and want to help during the whole day that is also an option (8:30a-3pm)

Any time you can give is much appreciated.

We honor your time and energy and will provide food at all times during your volunteer opportunities.

Pre-Event Opportunities

April 13 th, Monday Report Review Pizza Party 5-7p

April 15th, Wednesday Report Review Pizza Party 5-7p

April 16th, Thursday Volunteer Training & E-Poster 5-7p

April 24th, Friday Set up at Fishery 5-7:30p (Meet in OSB 350)


Competition Judge:  Groups of students will present to a group of judges about their Arduino Engineering or Simulation Projects.  Each presentation is 5 minutes long. Judges will score them based on a rubric, give constructive feedback to student groups, and help decide the winners.

Lead STEM demos/hands-on activities: In groups, volunteers will help in doing demonstrations or guide students through a hands-on activity (Instructions will be provided).

Logistics/Help: Assist in setting up/cleaning up, guiding groups of students, signing in volunteers and students, taking pictures and/or video, picking up score sheets, scorekeeping, serving lunch and snacks, and anything else that is part of logistics.

Report Judge: A few days before the main competition, MESA Day, competitors turn in their essays, where they explain the process of how they engineered their projects.  Volunteers will use rubrics to score the essays and help in decide the winners.  *Pre-Event

Volunteer Captain: Is in charge of a station (that can be a judging team, a Lead STEM Demo/Activity team, or Logistics Lead Team) and commits to a training prior to MESA Day.

To sign up, click on link and fill out form:


Background information on MESA Day

MESA Day is a huge day for our students and teachers, it is a culmination of all the hard work they have put into the competition projects they have been working towards in their classes, during lunch, and afterschool.  Not all students come to compete.  Many, come to partake in the STEM demos and hands-on activities that we offer.  In all, it is a whole day dedicated to enjoying STEM activities with their peers, teachers, and volunteers.



For Current Volunteers

Thank you wonderful MESA volunteers, our programs would not be successful without you! Check out our Seattle MESA Facebook page  to see pictures of volunteers in action.

For Prospective Volunteers

Whether you have an hour to spare or a day, we encourage you to spend some time with the inspiring Seattle MESA Students. We welcome all sorts of volunteers including:

  • STEM Professionals
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Industry Representative
  • Teachers, Instructors, Lectures, Professors, and Researchers
  • Anyone excited about working with underrepresented students pursuing a STEM career

If you are interested in becoming a MESA Volunteer, please contact us