In class model and mesa club

In Class Model

(Certain Schools)

This is an enrichment-based learning program that happens in your class.  MESA works one-on-one with MESA Teachers to provide the resources to give you a more hands-on learning experience.

For middle schools, we want to expose students to STEM fields and start cultivating the desire to attend a university.

For high schools, we offer internship and scholarship opportunities, as well as help with college and scholarship applications and essays. Community Service hours are also available.


(Certain Schools)

Even though this is a club outside of classroom time, this can occur before/after or/and during lunch, students need a teacher to run the club.  The club decides on what activities it wants to do with the support and guidance of the MESA Teacher and MESA Staff.  We highly encourage our MESA Clubs to enter competitions and they also get the resources and materials they will need for their activities.