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Seattle MESA Tutor

2017 – 2018

Make a difference in traditionally underrepresented high school students by encouraging achievement and success in STEM classes! We are looking for tutors to visit a local high school once a week while taking a 1- credit UW seminar on cultural competency, building relationships, and STEM tutoring skills. 

Wouldn’t you like to start the autumn quarter participating in a worthwhile service to high school students and our community?  Seattle MESA would like to offer you that opportunity.  We are looking for UW undergraduate and graduate students who would like to spend a few hours per week tutoring high school students in math and/or science.  If you are interested in pursuing a STEM or Education degree, this a phenomenal service learning opportunity!  Service is the key and Seattle MESA will prepare you to be effective. 

If you are interested or a returning tutor, email briant54@uw.edu or call (206) 685 – 5203 for course codes to register for C ENV 420 A or ENV 420 B or ENV 425 (returning tutors only) and a tutoring session (AA – AF or BA – BF).

Tutoring Times:

  • Tuesdays: 2:00-4:50 PM (AA or BA)
  • Tuesdays: 2:30-5:20 PM (AB or BB)
  • Wednesdays: 9:30-12:20 PM (AC or BC)
  • Thursdays: 9:30-11:20 AM (AD or BD)
  • Tuesdays: 3:00 – 4:50 PM (AE or BE)
  • Thursdays: 3:00 – 4:50 PM (AF or BF)

*Please note tutoring times maybe changed based upon partner schools master schedules.


Seattle MESA provides opportunities and resources that inspire students traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields, to pursue higher education and careers in math, engineering, and science.  We are offering a tutor workshop in the Autumn, Winter, and Spring for UW graduate and undergraduate students as well as community members to work with high school students in math and science.


Engaging and motivated UW graduate and undergraduate students who want to work with high school students and have a commitment to diversity and inclusion.  We are looking for students who want training and experience working in local high schools with a cohort of trained peers. We pair tutors to serve together at partner schools.

Seattle MESA prospective tutors must first complete the following:


Contact Brian Tracey at briant54@uw.edu for course codes and register for a course (CENV 420 A or B: MESA Tutor Seminar or C ENV 425 A: MESA Tutoring for returning MESA tutors) and a tutoring session (CENV 420 or 425 AA or AF or CENV BB – BF)These one credit hour tutor seminars helps you build communication, leadership, and cultural competency skills designed to prepare you to work in pairs and/or in small groups with high school students in math or science. You will observe public school teachers and students in their classrooms and complete a series of assignments and reflections.  Complete UW UCAR Certification training and Seattle MESA will provide transportation to and from tutoring sessions. There will be three workshops offered during autumn, winter, and spring quarters.  


You can earn up to 4 elective credits. You can develop your leadership skills. A letter of recommendation for future employment or scholarship opportunities will also be available upon request after satisfactory completion of the seminar(s) and tutoring sessions.

Questions?  Please email briant54@uw.edu.


MESA was a huge contributor in helping me decide what I wanted to do in college. Now I want to help other students, and show them how intriguing these subjects are.”

“My goal is to encourage students to see that they are fully capable of studying and succeeding in STEM fields, and to help students realize that they have the ability to change the face of STEM by becoming involved.”

“I’ve been passionate about STEM my entire life. Throughout most of my academic experiences, I have felt discouraged at the low number of female and minority students in STEM fields. I want to share my enthusiasm, and help show students that they can succeed in STEM.”


To register see the UW Course Catalog here: washington.edu/students/timeschd/AUT2017/cenv.html

There are tutor training workshop and two courses, which must be completed in order. See the figure below to find out when you can take the next course in the series use these links for more info about the individual courses:

MESA Introductory Tutor Training WorkshopMESA Tutor Seminar CENV 420 A or B| MESA Tutoring Practicum CENV 425 A 

MESA Introductory Tutor Training Workshop offered Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters

The workshop is the starting point for tutoring to develop pedagogy skills, support subject area competence, and engage tutors in cultural competence and bias training.  The workshop will meet three times for two hours each with class time focused on developing a growth mindset for learning and developing; improve communication and mentoring skills; enhance cultural and subject area competency. Students completing this workshop will be prepared to enroll in the MESA Tutoring Training weekly seminar (CENV 420 A or B) and tutor for the Seattle MESA tutoring program. Students will also have the opportunity to continue to tutor throughout the academic year for credit through the MESA Tutoring Practicum (CENV 425). Tutors can apply for a paid leadership opportunity as a Lead Tutor.  Class will meet three times for 2 hours each meeting (total of 6 instructional hours).  During these three weeks, students will engage completing assignments and activities outside of class.

CENV 420: MESA Tutor Seminar
2 CR, C/NC, Offered Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters (email mtutoruw@uw.edu or call (206) 685-7907 for course add codes)Prerequisite: MESA introductory Tutor Training Workshop.
Students may take CENV 420 section A and CENV 420 B concurrently during fall quarter.

This course is the second step to become a Seattle MESA tutor and is designed to further develop skills for tutoring.  The course will meet weekly for 90 minutes to examine skills and ideas important to effective tutoring.  Students will also tutor each week in a local high school.  Class time will focus on developing a growth mindset for learning for the tutors as well as their tutees.  Class will use active learning, reflections, in class discussions and role-play to engage with the material and with tutoring situations that arise during the tutoring time.

CENV 425: MESA Tutoring Practicum
1 CR, C/NC, Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters
Prerequisite: MESA introductory Tutor Training and CENV 420 (email mtutoruw@uw.edu or call (206) 685-7907 for course add codes).

This course is designed for trained Seattle MESA tutors to learn skills and approaches to advance their tutoring efficacy.  During the course assess their current pedagogy skills for tutoring, identify key areas for improving their skills, subject area competence, and further their cultural competence and bias training.  The course will meet weekly for 90 minutes to examine skills and ideas important to effective tutoring.  Students in the advanced class will help develop role-play and share best practices with Seattle MESA tutors in training, enrolled in the Seattle MESA Tutoring Training Seminar (CENV 420). Advanced tutors will also contribute to the continued development of the Seattle MESA tutoring resources, using their own experiences to distill relevant best practices. Students will also tutor each week in a local middle or high school. Class time will focus on developing scenarios to improve their tutoring interactions and efficacy, creative approaches to modeling a growth mindset and the role of math and science in their own paths as well as future opportunities. Tutors will practice developing approaches to weaving in real life examples into their tutoring to help engage their students. Class will use active learning, reflections, in class discussions and role-play to engage with the material and with tutoring situations that arise during the tutoring time.  

Trained Seattle MESA Tutors can tutor for credit weekly in local high schools and engage in weekly reflections, discussion, and assignments to support sharing best practices, skill development, and problem solving. Weekly assignments and reflections will use online tools to connect individual tutors with each other as well as the MESA Tutoring Team. Tutors will meet with Seattle MESA staff during Seattle Public School vacation weeks for in person training and development.


Completely new to Seattle MESA tutoring? Read below.

Already completed your tutor training? 

For those new to MESA tutor training program:

What courses do I need to take?
You need to take both the Intro MESA Tutoring workshop and seminar (CENV 420, 2CR) to become a fully trained tutor. You begin tutoring weekly during the seminar! See the courses page for more details.

Can I tutor if I am a grad student?

Can I tutor if I am no longer a student?
Yes! You can audit the training and tutoring practicum. Email mtutoruw@uw.edu for details.

How often do I tutor?
Once a week at the same time and school each week.

How do I get to tutoring?
The MESA program transports groups of students from UW to their tutoring sites and back again using UCARS.

Do I get paid?
Tutoring is volunteer based, but you do receive credit for your time. Advanced tutors can apply to become paid lead tutors (email mtutoruw@uw.edu for details) or paid tutors at the MESA Summer Math Academy. Details on the timing and application process for the summer academy TBA.

Where/who will I tutor?
This fall, MESA tutors will be tutoring 9-11th grade students at three high schools (specific schools and tutoring times TBA).

For those who have completed their tutor training:

Can I tutor again?
You can take the tutoring practicum as many times as you want!

What if I am no longer a student?
You can continue tutoring! Email mtutoruw@uw.edu for info.

Can I get paid to tutor?
Advanced tutors can apply to become paid lead tutors or paid tutors at the MESA Summer Math Academy (details TBA)

How can I stay involved?

MESA Tutoring Training Course Pathway

1. Introduction Training Workshop
2. MESA Tutoring Seminar (CENV 420 A OR B)
3. MESA Advanced Tutoring Seminar (CENV 425 A)
MESA Tutoring Sessions