Letter from Middle School Student: Participant at MESA Day 2015

March 31, 2015

To Whom it May Concern:
I had a great time at MESA. I got to collaborate with teammates and friends to do awesome activities. I turned in my permission slip in the very next morning, sharp at 7:56, because I wanted to go and I knew I would have to compete hard with other 6th graders to get into the event.
When I went to North Seattle College, I doubted if I should have came there. When doing MESA programs, the doubt was gone. My team, Argha’s Angels had a fun time a MESA.
First, we went to a room to create a clock which was run by a lemon! The energy of the lemon charged the clock!
Second, we tried to create an egg cart that protected the egg with the least amount of items. We dropped it at different heights to see if the egg would crack or not.
Then, we went to a room where we had to create a catapult and we created it in under 5 minutes! We would make our own ball to see if the big or the small ball go the farthest.
After that , we went to lunch where we had salads, dinner rolls, chicken and ice cold lemonade! MESA provides you with good and fresh foods.
Finally, we went to an activity where someone would stand in the middle of a circle with a blindfold on. Someone from outside the circle would make a sound and the blindfolded person would try to guess where the person was. We did this experiment with both ears open and one ear open. We were trying to see if closing one ear or not closing any ears was better for your hearing.
All in all, me and my team had a great time at MESA and urge you to come here.Our district should try to add more MESA classes next year to educate the young people here in Showalter who want to be educated. These events and educational and fun. You might not be able to do an experiment at your home, but you can do it at MESA!

-(Student Participant at MESA Day 2015)

*Letter has not been edited to conserve the student’s voice and their name is not used to protect their privacy.Brain helping students