Seattle MESA Summer STEM Camp Curriculum/Schedule

Day Lesson Notes/Links
1 Introduction: Names and School
Virtual Ice Breaker “Virtual Games” file
Virtual Escape Room
Goals of STEM Camp
Video: What is Environmental Science
Discussion on video
2 Problems in Environmental Science
Activity: Journey to the Earth’s Core Use materials in STEM Kit
Share & Present
Lesson: Intro to Deforestation
Lesson: Intro to Desertification
Activity: Mini Water Cycle Use materials in STEM Kit
Discussion: How to solve these problems? Do we see any of these problems in our communities?
3 Solutions in Environmental Science
Review Problems
Lessson: Intro to Biodiversity
Activity: How Much Water is there? Use materials in STEM Kit
Lesson: Clean Water
Video: Smart Cities
Discussion: What makes a smart city? What are the cons/pros of a smart city? Do we live in a smart city?
4 Intro to Arduino
Video: Intro to Electrical Engineering
Video: Intro to Arduino
Activity: Smart Cities Lesson 1 Use materials in STEM Kit
Video: Intro to Circuits
Activity: Smart Cities Lesson 2 Use materials in STEM Kit
Share & Present
5 Merging Environmental Science & Electical Engineering to Create Smart Cities
Review Intro to Arduino
Video: Intro to Ohm Law
Lesson: Disposal of Wastes
Video: Intro to Resistors
Share & Present: Waste Disposal Game
6 Smart Cities 101
Virtual Ice Breaker “Virtual Games”
Activity: Smart Cities Lesson 3
Activity: Smart Cities Lesson 4
Share & Present: Any of the two activies
7 Smart Cities 201
Activity: Smart Cities Lesson 5
Activity: Biodivesity Arduino Coding Game
Activity: Desertification Arduino Game
Share & Present: Any of the three activities
9 Brainstorming Your Own Smart City
Activity: Clean Water Arduino Game
Activity: Deforestation Arduino Game
Share & Present
Brainstorm Your Own Smart City
Share & Present: Ideas of Your Own Smart City
10 Build your own Smart City
11 Conclusion
What’s next?