Why You Should Tutor With Seattle MESA

It would be one thing to tell you why we, the staff of Seattle MESA, think you should become one of our volunteer tutors.  But instead we decided to seek the sentiments of our dynamic tutors.  Here is why they feel that you should tutor with Seattle MESA next quarter.

Zasha S. – I really loved going to Mariner and getting to know the students personally and encouraging them to think about college and their future.


Sulayman D. – The 5 reasons you should volunteer with Seattle MESA’s tutoring program:

(1) It was a great experience

(2) They provided a good hands-on tutoring experience

(3) The administration [at the schools] was always flexible and understanding

(4) You will work with a great team

(5) This quarter of tutoring will make you want to do more


Jimmy B. – Tutoring with Seattle MESA is a good learning experience. In addition to being able to apply my skills as a tutor, I was able to practice communication skills, which I think was the most valuable skill I gained from MESA.


Myesa L. – It’s fun! You get to help high school students understand math concepts and feel better about themselves as students.  It’s a good break from classes and stress. You get to hang out with fun people and you improve [and learn] your teaching skills.


Sung K. – MESA was a great experience, both for the tutors and (hopefully) for the students. Students get extra help and positive interaction with [UW] students and the tutors get to grow in empathy and build their teaching skills.


Peter L. – I would encourage everybody to tutor with Seattle MESA. Not only does MESA give credit for tutoring, but it provides a wonderful tutoring experience.  You will have fun and enjoyable interactions with new people and you will delight in the feeling of being able to help students take one more step towards their future.


Tsedey T. – I would definitely encourage everybody to tutor with Seattle MESA because there are so many students in high school that need our help. These students also need guidance to help them explore STEM majors.  It’s also a great experience for the tutors to build their communication and leadership skills.


M. G. – I would encourage others to join MESA because it is a fun group to be a part of. Also, I enjoy going to the high school and helping the students with questions they may have on their school work or about college.


Wambura F. – If you have the time to get involved, you should. It’s a great opportunity to get out into the community, meet the next generation, and share your passion and knowledge with others.


Well that says it all. If you are interested or for information about tutoring, please email Joffrey Hooks at mtutoruw@uw.edu or call (206) 685-7907.  Don’t wait, do it today!