Tutor Spotlight – Myesa Legendre-Fixx

Myesa Legendre-FixxMyesa Legendre-Fixx

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Grade: Junior

Major: Oceanography, intended major in Biology

What school do you serve? Chief Sealth High School

How long have you been with MESA? This is my second quarter tutoring with MESA.

Why did you join MESA? I was exploring potential post-graduation plans, I didn’t know if I wanted to go to graduate school right away, but I’m interested in becoming a teacher. I talked to a friend’s mom, who’s in charge of the Masters & PhD programs at UW Bothell and she recommended that I join Seattle MESA.

What do you like most about tutoring for MESA? I enjoy it a lot, it’s time for me to relax and to take a break from schoolwork. More importantly, I really like the students that I tutor. It feels good to be able to help the students and to be involved in getting them interested in Math.

What are the challenges that you’ve faced when tutoring? Sometimes I find it hard to effectively communicate with the students; even though I fully understand the concepts I’m trying to get across, the students might find it difficult to understand my explanations. Also, it is tough trying to work with multiple students at the same time when they expect one-to-one tutoring.

Fun fact(s) about yourself: I ran cross-country track in high school and I’ve run the Seattle Half Marathon before. There was once I ran from the UW IMA to the Space Needle and back. I also worked at Costco as a front end assistant this past winter.

Hobbies and Interests: I work in the Hille Ris Lambers lab, a community ecology lab in the UW Department of Biology. We’re interested in how plant and tree communities are going to change with climate change, and I was on Mt. Rainier last summer collecting data! Apart from schoolwork, I like relaxing and watching Netflix.

If you could be one pizza ingredient, what would you be and why? Green peppers, because I like them!


Interview by Jia Jun Chia, Tutor