Tutor Spotlight – Peter Le


Hometown: Burien, WA

Grade: Junior

Major: Mathematics

What school do you serve? Chief Sealth High School

How long have you been with MESA? This is my 3rd quarter tutoring with MESA.

Why did you join MESA? I eventually want to be a Math teacher. Getting involved with MESA not only provides me with practice and experience with tutoring, but also allows me to provide assistance to the students who really need help in Math.

What do you like most about tutoring for MESA? I like being involved in helping students enjoy Math and overcome problems that Math is often associated with.

What are the challenges that you’ve faced when tutoring? These students sometimes misbehave, but I’m not in a position to reprimand them since I don’t exactly know their background for me to do so. Instead, I try to treat my students as friends instead of being their teacher, which makes them feel more comfortable around me.

Fun fact(s) about yourself: I went to Ingraham for high school, and I was briefly involved with MESA then. I used to play the flute in our high school marching band. During the Summer Math session this past summer, the students named one of their spiders in school after me.

Hobbies and Interests: Math, video games (Xeno Blade Chronicles X is my all-time favorite), writing fantasy adventure stories

If you could be one pizza ingredient, what would you be and why? Dough. It’s always there and always needed. It’s no longer a pizza without the dough, and I like being very involved in the things I do.


Interviewed by Jia Jun Chia, Tutor